Ted Tahquechi

My love of photography began in 1986, shooting and developing black and white film in college. I spent the better part of my career working in a very visually challenging  world as a video game producer for Atari, Accolade and Mattel Toys, releasing 35 titles to market and creating many beloved game franchises.

After a car accident in 1999, I was left with no vision in my right eye and 5% remaining vision in my left, I can see light and dark but no detail. I truly believe that the day I picked up the camera again changed my life. With my visual limitation, I have almost no distance sight, and things get very blurry  at about a foot away. Starting slow, I used the camera at family gatherings to capture moments I could not see.  My camera has now became a tool I use to later see on my computer monitor what I miss as I walk through life.


For years I have been working on an abstract body of work which focuses on the human form. In February 2017, the collection made its debut at Access Gallery in the Santa Fe Art District in Denver Colorado and has been exhibited all over the United States. You can see selected images from the collection and read the entire story at bodyscapes.photography

Alongside  exhibiting my photographic work, I speak about vision loss, and using art as a coping mechanism to heal. My lectures focus on using photography to heal, inspiration and vision loss, but I also love to speak at Retro game conferences about my years in the games industry. If you would like further information on my speaking engagements, please see the speaking section. I have presented at Galleries, Schools (high school and college) Retro games conferences, and camps for the blind and visually impaired. I have a guide dog Fauna, and we are often asked to speak at organizations about strategies to better serve their visually impaired clients. 



I don’t sell my photographic work, rather I donate to and work with charitable organizations that make a positive impact on other’s lives. Some of the organizations I have worked with include Guide Dogs for the Blind, Lighthouse for the BlindALS Never SurrenderThe Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Special Olympics and  Heather’s Camp – a nonprofit organization out of Wichita Kansas which provides a summer camp experience for blind and visually impaired children. 



You can email Ted at: nedskee@tahquechi.com


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Who we are

Disabled Art is a virtual gallery created by award-winning blind photographer and photo educator Ted Tahquechi. The mission of this gallery is to expand the visibility of art created by disabled artists. Sometimes as a disabled artist,  getting your work shown can be difficult, and we realize that. This is why Ted created a virtual gallery venue tailored toward artists with disabilities.  Shows are rotated quarterly, and there is no cost to the artist to exhibit their work. We are currently seeking artists for upcoming virtual gallery exhibitions and feature articles. More information can be found here . All modalities of art are welcome, from photography to sculpture and everything between.