If you are a disabled artist, and would like your art exhibited here on Disabled Art, please send us an email which includes an artist statement, bio and sample images of your work. This is a virtual exhibit which changed every six months. Disabled Art does not sell art, and all copyright and ownership of the exhibited pieces remain with the artist. The purpose of this site is to expand visibility of art crated by disabled artists. 

There is no cost to the artists to exhibit work here on Disabled Art, and your pieces will remain on the front page for six months, then move to our archives where visitors will still be able to view and enjoy your work. Unless otherwise requested, your contact information will be clearly visible in your exhibit and interested parties may contact your directly. 

We receive a lot of requests to show work so please be patient and we will get back to you with an exhibition date if your work is appropriate for our gallery. If you have any questions about Disabled Art or its curator Ted Tahquechi, please feel free to email us.