Show your work with us

If you are a disabled artist, and would like to submit your art to be considered for exhibition in our virtual gallery. please follow the instructions below. There is no cost to exhibit work here on Disabled Art, and your pieces will remain on the front page for six months (~180) days, then move to our archives where visitors will still be able to view and enjoy your work. Unless otherwise requested, your contact information will be clearly visible in your exhibit and interested parties may contact you directly. This is a virtual exhibition space which is changed twice a year. Disabled Art does not sell art, and all copyright and ownership of the exhibited pieces remain with the artist. The purpose of this site is to expand visibility of art crated by disabled artists. Please review our legal page, which details our expectations from you as an exhibiting artist and what you can expect from us during your virtual show.   

To be considered for an exhibition, applicants will be required to submit at least five (5) images in .jpg format with at least 2000 pixels on the long edge. These images must demonstrate a cohesive body of work. Artists are also asked to submit a bio and artist statement to accompany the proposed work. We will work with you on a date and day for final images to be delivered. If you cannot submit your work on the agreed upon day your exhibition may be forfeit. Artists should only submit work which they have created themselves and own the copyright to. Computer generated art (AI Art is not allowed, see below.)

We receive many requests to show work, so please be patient and we will get back to you with an exhibition date if your work is appropriate for our gallery. If you have any questions about Disabled Art or its curator Ted Tahquechi, please feel free to email  

AI (Computer Generated art)

AI art, which is computer generated using text prompts with programs like Open AI or Midjourney will not be exhibited here on Disabled Art, digital art created in Photoshop, Illustrator or other art programs are allowed, as well as all other art modalities including video.   

Frequently Asked Questions

We have assembled a list of questions commonly asked about exhibiting your work here on Disabled Art. If you have a question not answered here, feel free to email

How long is my art displayed in your virtual gallery?

We change exhibitions twice a year, you work will remain on the front page for six months. When your show has completed, your work will move to the Archive/Past shows section of our website so viewers will still be able to see and enjoy your work. Feel free to use this space as a portfolio for your work. 

Can I have my work removed from your site?

Absolutely, if you would like your work removed from our site just drop us an email letting us know.  

What kind of art do your show?

We are happy to show any kind of art which is appropriate for general audiences. Photography of all styles including portraiture and abstracts, sculptures, drawing of any medium, digital art, printmaking and much more. If you work in an art modality not mentioned here, please feel free to drop us an email and ask. We are happy to show video work as well, but you will be required to host the files on YouTube or other platform for us to link to. 

Disabled art showcases work from disabled artists only?

That is correct. Disabled Art is a forum for displaying and appreciating art created by artists who are disabled in some way. Disabled Art submissions are curated from the aspect of accessibility first. We want disabled artists to experience the joy of having their art shown alongside their peers.  

Submission criteria

To be considered for an exhibition on Disabled Art, artists must submit an artist statement, bio and five (5) .jpg format images with at least 2000 pixels on the long side. The images must demonstrate a cohesive body of work – i,e, Landscapes photographs Each exhibition is limited to 20 images. 

Does this count as being “shown”?

Disabled Art is a virtual gallery, and therefore counts as your work being shown. After your show, your work, artist information and bio will remain on Disabled Art in the archive/past shows section so you can always link back to it to demonstrate your participation in a gallery exhibit.

Will all exhibits be solo exhibits?

We want to show as much work as possible and some artists might not have enough work to have a solo exhibit, in this instance we will partner the artist with appropriate and similar modalities of art for a group exhibition. An example would be a few artists teaming up to show a painting or drawing show.